The Fate of the Furious (2017) – Movie Review

vie diesel in furious8

“Are you one of those boys who prefers cars to women?”
“I’m one of those boys that appreciates a fine body, regardless of the make.”

— Gisele and Dom, “Fast & Furious” (2009)

Now this is one movie which is supposed to conclude (as depicted in the movie title ‘FATE’) this series; but after watching, one would think twice.

This time it’s all about cars (duh..when was it not), but trust me when I say there is more action performed by cars than hand to hand combat!

vin diesel in the fate of the furious 2017

The story has a twist which is revealed upfront and there is not much left but to take revenge!

The franchise has thought about all possible endings and to have the ending as such makes you believe that there might be just another one 🙂

Although this movie won’t disappoint you, but it makes you crave for more. This is the expectation that this franchise has bought in all and have thus managed to build up their fan following.

vin diesel in fast and furious 8

I would not rate this movie too good as it does not satisfy me. Having said that I would say it was worth the watch. Do watch out for the scene where cars go wild! All characters have been given witty dialogues but as expected ‘Diesel fuels the entire show’.  Theron does a good role in playing the antagonist.

Let’s see the entire series and how they have fared till date (ratings as of May 1 2017 on IMDB).

fast and furious franchise movie ratings

To Conclude, Diesel fuels the entire movie; its worth the watch!

The Size Zero says: I want more and not satisfied.
The Wise Hero says: Go Watch It, if you have been a loyal fan.

and Vin says….

vin diesel in the fate of the furious 8 2017

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  1. Isabelle Weber says:

    Personally I haven’t seen this movie yet, although the other week my sister watched it and also said it’s worth watching because of awesome action scenes! Might have to check it out after all. Not sure whether I should watch the rest of the series first though…

    1. I suggest you watch the entire series, this movie will bring more meaning!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the first two maybe? I was never really a huge fan!


    1. I hope the keep this franchise alive by making another one!

  3. lecypoore says:

    I have seen every single F&F movie and love the series. Can’t wait to see this new one! Great review!

  4. toastycritic says:

    That’s interesting that you really like Deisel. I had heard that he was just going through the motions on this one. I will have to take a watch.

  5. I want to see this movie so bad. I have heard such different takes on the movie itself – some good and some bad. Thank you for this post.

  6. Great site you have got here.. It’s hard to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!|

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